NSS Enterprises WRANGLER 3330 33 inch Battery Auto Scrubber available from USA-CLEAN 44391
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The Wrangler 3330 is a high performance battery auto scrubber. It features a 36 volt system, on board battery charger, 33 gallon recovery tank, 30 gallon solution tank, curved squeegee, and a 33 inch cleaning path. This rugged maneuverable automatic scrubber is unsurpassed for cleaning power, productivity, and dependability. It’s ideal for cleaning large areas and cleans up to 32,000 square feet per hour.

Cleaning path: 33 inch (84 cm)
Solution tank: 30 gallon (114 L)
Recovery tank: 33 gallon (125 L)
Vacuum motor: 36V, 3 stage, 0.75 HP
Brush motors: two 0.75 HP
Length: 66 inch (168 cm)
Width: 25.5 inch (65 cm)
Height: 42 inch (107 cm)
Weight: 1,110 lbs (504 kg)

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