CHARGER 2716DB Batteries and Charger

1 162-0005 6V 305Ah wet battery (SNSR) $318.98 6 ships same day
2 162-0046 6V 335Ah AGM battery (Group J305) $721.35 6 ships same day
3 164-6476 36V onboard battery charger (OBSOLETE) $789.11 1 (NSS) usually ships 1-5 days
4 162-9027 36V 25amp onboard battery charger (Dual Pro) (AGM/wet) $824.15 1 (Dual Pro) (Does not include green wire. Open the control panel and in the main harness bundle (running up from the trio to the LCD/switches) there should be a black wire taped up (it may be tagged remote/off board charger only). Release that wire and run it up to the E-Stop and attach it into the terminal where the green wire is connected.) ships same day
5 164-6477 Onboard charger extension cord $27.67 1 ships same day
6a 162-5062 36V 20amp battery charger with small SB50 gray plug $375.75 1 (configured for wet batteries; can be changed to support AGM batteries) ships same day
6b 162-9024 36V 12amp battery charger with small SB50 gray plug $607.71 ships same day
7 991-2105 SB50 50amp charger plug with pins (gray) $6.79 1 ships same day
8 991-1801 Replacement battery cable terminal $2.75 ships same day
N/S 162-INSTALL Battery install and removal $209.00 (Includes delivery, professional installation, and removal of old batteries) usually ships 3-16 days