FM 1700 - Commonly Asked For Parts

154-3994 Wheel shaft $36.17 usually ships 10-25 days
170-5581 50ft extension cord assembly $250.26 usually ships 10-25 days
170-5617 Stop switch bracket $13.41 usually ships 10-25 days
170-5645 Coupling Drive $57.34 (Please review part picture before ordering. Does not work for older models with a shear coupler. If your unit has a shear coupler, you will need to replace the gearbox.) ships same day
991-5005 14/3 replacement power cord 50 foot (yellow) $119.36 (NON-OEM) (does not include strain relief) ships same day
N/A Not available Call for price (Switch) usually ships 3-7 days
N/A Not available Call for price (Wheel assembly) usually ships 3-7 days