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- Oil and Filter Service on Kawasaki 18HP FS481V
 Level of Difficulty - LOW  Estimated Completion Time - 30 minutes

Tools Required

Parts Required

Step Procedure & Parts & Tools
1 You will need this kit to perform the following steps.

2 Start the buffer and let it begin warming up while continuing to steps 3 thru 5.

3 Locate the filter cover and remove.

4 Loosen the wing nut on the hose clamp. Pull the hose off the filters. Dispose of the old filters.

5 Slide the new pre-filter onto the new air filter. Reverse steps to install the new air filter and pre-filter and to reassemble the cover. Continue to step 6 to change the oil.

6 Turn the machine off and locate the oil filter.

7 Turn the oil filter by hand to loosen slightly. Note: DO NOT REMOVE THE OIL FILTER

8 Locate and remove the dipstick.

9 OPTION 1: Lay the clear tube on the oil pan and turn the valve to open. Tip the machine back and drain into the pan. Note: When oil is done draining, close the valve. Tip the machine on its left side and remove the old oil filter, allowing the filter and the oil to drain into the pan.

10 OPTION 2: With the dip stick removed, tip the machine on its left side, draining the oil from the oil fill tube into the oil pan. When oil is done draining from the tube remove the old oil filter, allowing the filter and the oil to drain into the pan.

11 Lubricate the seal on the new filter with new oil.

12 Install the oil filter and tighten by hand about 3/4 to 1 turn after gasket contacts mounting surface. In the oil fill tube, add 1 3/4 qts of oil. Verify oil level on the dipstick. Run the machine for a few minutes and check the oil.